Caddell: Polls Suggest Donald Trump Losing Votes to ‘Undecided or Down Ballot,’ Not Hillary Clinton

PAUL J. RICHARDS, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Pat Caddell spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Friday regarding recent and future polling in the presidential contest. Caddell said, “I’m looking to see how stable the race is and whether or not … Hillary’s lead is because she has gained votes or only because Trump has lost them.”

“When he loses votes, they’re often temporarily,” continued Caddell. “If you look at the Fox poll, he’s not losing votes to her; he’s losing votes to undecided, to down the ballot, whatever. If that’s the case, then you have a different race. And that’s what I’m looking for.”

Caddell also cautioned against poll sampling and how it can throw off results, as it did in 2014. His contention is that pollsters cannot be sure what turnout model will apply this year.

Earlier in the program, Caddell said, “You know I noticed yesterday Fox came out with a poll with her ahead seven points nationally, and yet her vote hadn’t moved at all.”

Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence also questioned this year’s polling Friday:

Pence pointed to the attendance of Trump’s rallies and said that suggests something different is going on that isn’t reflected by the polls.

“I honestly think that there’s something missing in the polling these days,” Pence said. “I think Donald Trump has made a connection to the frustrations and aspirations of everyday Americans like no one in my lifetime has since Ronald Reagan. When you see against this avalanche, present company excepted here at Fox News, but this avalanche of negative media coverage that goes chasing after every potential negative story about Donald Trump, still you see tens of thousands of people coming out at rallies. There’s a determination out there across the country to change the direction of this nation.”

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