Caddell: Biased Media ‘Not Lightening Up; They’re Doubling Down’ Against Trump

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Washington, DC

In discussing how the media seem to be mostly ignoring Hillary Clinton’s growing scandal, including numerous revelations via WikiLeaks, analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow on Thursday that he hopes GOP nominee Donald Trump will go over the media’s head in the closing days to make the case to the American people that “this is our time.”

“The press is not lightening up; they’re doubling down” in their anti-Trump bias, Caddell asserted. “We have a fundamental issue here. We’re talking about a president here in Hillary Clinton, who, if elected President-elect, is under criminal investigation and may well be indicted.”

As for Trump, “His need,” continued Caddell, “is to speak to those people who now have real confusions about Hillary Clinton, who are down on her and what’s going on in the scandal.” Trump needs to “get over the heads of the media and make the case  … and make the country decide. This is our time.”

Caddell added, “Do you want to have the Richard Nixon Watergate experience all over again? Or do you want to start from day one?”

Caddell also walked through a litany of suspected corruption within the Obama administration swept under the carpet by, first, Attorney General Eric Holder, and now, Loretta Lynch at DOJ.

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