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Dan Gainor: Left Is Back in ‘Rubber Room of the Loony Bin’ After Trump’s Election


Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss the media frenzy over the appointment of Steve Bannon, former chief of Breitbart News, to Donald Trump’s White House team.

“The news cycle prior to the election was ridiculous, but now it’s gone further off the deep end,” Gainor declared. “The media aren’t trying just to double down on going after Trump. They want to take down Trump nominees as a way of taking him out. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They want to knock out Steve Bannon. If they can do that, then they feel like, ‘Oh, see, we can discredit every single nominee.’”

“Now, of course, with the nomination of Sessions, they will now proceed to move on to also attacking him,” Gainor continued. “That’s their procedure here. They want to simply gut every one of these nominees.”

“The media, to say that they’re neutral on this is ridiculous,” he scoffed. “Look at how they handled Keith Ellison. Keith Ellison’s up to be head of the DNC. He’s gotten something like 1/20th the coverage that Bannon has gotten, even though he’s got a parade of negative things in his background, from attacking Israel to being almost like Van Jones, kind of giving the impression he’s a 9/11 Truther.”

Marlow pointed out that Gainor was not exaggerating for rhetorical effect; the MRC published a study that showed the Big Three networks have literally produced 20 times more coverage of Bannon than Ellison.

“And the Bannon coverage is 75 percent negative, of course,” Gainor added, agreeing with Marlow that even that was a rather conservative estimate. “And then the two minutes and nine seconds that Keith Ellison got, of course, not one negative in it. Instead, you get positive comments from people like Joy Reid saying good things: ‘Oh, he’d be a great pick.’”

“People who don’t follow foreign policy stuff don’t realize just how bad the Muslim Brotherhood is,” he observed. “Egyptians realize this because when the Muslim Brotherhood took over their country, they threw them out with physical force. The reason for it is that the Muslim Brotherhood is sort of a quasi-political arm connected to Hamas. When your funder’s connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, that’s a problem.”

“Every conservative I know, who I’ve talked to about Keith Ellison taking over, all think it’s hilarious because here’s the Left saying, ‘Oh, well we’re going to put our flag in the ground. Post-Trump, we’re going to go for the most left-wing person we can think of, who also happens to be Muslim’ because that’s really how in touch they are with the American public,” Gainor scoffed.

Gainor thought media malpractice throughout the 2016 election would have consequences – not just for “news” media, but for what he more broadly termed “entertainment media.” He said his next column would be a reflection on “how crazy the Left has become.”

“There’s a piece in Lenny – that’s the Lena Dunham newsletter, which certainly has hundreds of thousands of readers because she’s influential – but it’s an ode to Hillary, about how Hillary was more important in history, certainly more important than Ben Franklin. Huh? Hillary, who has never been president, not one of the Founders of our nation. OK, well, she ran for president. Hey, she lost, okay? History is not really forgiving to people who lost, and didn’t even lose well. That’s just the reality. But in the liberal world, they are going off the deep end,” he marveled.

Gainor recalled how, in 2000, it became a defining characteristic of the Left that “they thought they were robbed by the election, what they called the ‘selection.’”

“They spent eight years calling George W. Bush ‘pResident’: lower-case p, upper-case R,” he remembered. “And then, he’s Hitler, he’s Shrub, a little bush. It made the tone of everything they did kind of demented. It was only when they got Obama, and Obama didn’t characterize things that way – he actually had, if nothing else, a positive message. He didn’t govern that way, but put forth sort of a more ‘shining city on a hill’ kind of message, Reaganesque almost in that way. That moved them from the loony bin.”

“Now, they’re not just in the same loony bin; they’re like in the rubber room of the bin,” Gainor said. “The Left has now decided that anybody they don’t like is on the ‘alt-Right,’ and the media are going to help them demonize it. Here’s the problem. I’m going through this in my column: they’re not the alt-Left, but I think we’re going to have to start calling them that. Alt-Right sounds like it’s different from the Right, but alt-Left? This is mainstream Left; it’s nuts. They’re certifiable. They hate men. They hate Christians. They hate America. They just spent all their time hating anything that made this country great.”

“And that is where we are now, for our political debate going forward. This is why you have smelly protesters in the streets, smelly protesters trying to stop the pipeline out in North Dakota. This is the Left’s strategy. They don’t win a presidential election, they don’t win elections, so they’re going to riot. They look forward to a very entertaining inaugural, as they try to interrupt that as well,” he predicted.

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