David ‘Mudcat’ Saunders: Time for Democrats to ‘Help America Move Forward,’ Admit Trump Beat Clinton ‘Fair and Square’


Democratic Party strategist David ‘Mudcat’ Saunders, a veteran of John Edwards’ 2008 presidential campaign, talked about his support for Donald Trump with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

When Boyle asked for his theory of how Trump won the election, Saunders replied sarcastically, “You need to watch the news! The racists and the Russians got together and fixed the thing is what happened.”

“I was watching Rachel Maddow last night, and Jen Palmieri was on there saying all that, and Rachel – quite frankly I love the girl; she’s a fisherwoman and a good friend and a good chick – but I mean it’s ridiculous, some of these arguments that’s coming out about racism,” he said.

He told Boyle his old party was lost in the wilderness, in part because Donald Trump stole some of their strongest issues to defeat Hillary Clinton.

“Greed’s a powerful thing, and in a capitalistic society, greed over time is going to move to the front,” he said. “If you look, about every hundred years or so, the greed gets out of control. In the nineteenth century, it was Andrew Jackson that stepped up and fought it. In the early twentieth century, it was Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, who stepped up and fought it. Now you’ve got Donald Trump, and it is my greatest hope – I think the most important thing that he can do – is restore economic fairness. It doesn’t exist now in America.”

“If Hillary would have won the election – and I was not for Hillary, as you’re well aware, and came out very, very early and said that I thought Trump would beat her decisively. I think I said he’d beat her like a tied-up billy goat, which got everybody mad at me on my side. Why not get behind him? He’s the President of the United States, or going to be. He is going to be the leader of our country, and it’s like I see people out here now who are actually pulling against him to be successful. To me, that’s insane,” he said.

“Don’t we want America to more forward?” he asked. “People want to keep talking about how they got cheated, and what happened, and all this other stuff. What happened was that Trump beat her, fair and square, in the electoral vote count beat her right good. I think it’s sad.”

“I don’t care what he is. Let’s make America better, or Make America Great Again,” Saunders urged. “I’m pulling for Trump, and I’ve got a lot of confidence that Steve Bannon, the Steve Bannon I know, will do a great job between him and Reince Priebus of moving the country in the right direction.”

He said the first thing Trump and his team should do is “give us hope.”

“Hope is powerful, as you are well aware, Matt,” Saunders said. “We’ve lost hope out here, with the incredible loss of jobs, and with the loss of the jobs, our children. I remember – I think this was from 2010 – it was like 34 percent more kids in urban population centers and suburban population centers, and there was 37 percent less in rural America. We’re losing our children, and I can just say that the Pied Piper of greed that came from Wall Street, and because of the tremendous amount of money that was going into Washington politicians’ pockets working in concert with them just took us.”

“I know families that worked their butts off to educate two or three children, and now their two or three children are either in Charlotte, or Orange County, California, or northern Virginia, or research triangle North Carolina. They want to be at home, but there’s just no opportunities,” he lamented. “Give us some hope that things are changing. I think that’s one thing that I felt like really pushed a lot of people, a lot of my Democratic friends, to Trump was, he tried to instill hope into us. He said, ‘Look, we can get out of this.’”

“For the Democrats to move forward, to answer that question – see, if I was king, we could solve all these problems very quickly, I believe,” Saunders proclaimed, a little tongue in cheek. “First thing you do is, you do publicly financed federal elections – get the money out of it. I know that’s going to cause some constitutional problems. Second, outlaw gerrymandering.”

“The Republicans have been good at putting money into state elections and stuff and taking over these state houses, and they gerrymander the map, just like Democrats do in states like California, New York, and Illinois,” he elaborated. “What happens is that the only real challenge you have, the districts are so gerrymandered that the only challenge you have is from your side. It tends to be far Left and far Right. I mean, they’re not supposed to get along, under a system like that. I think something needs to be done about that, but that said, until it is, the Democrats have got to get more involved in these state elections.”

He said the Democrat brand is “destroyed in my part of the world.”

“Their brand is this: ‘We know what’s best for you. We are smarter than you. We are more educated than you. Therefore, we know what’s best for you, even if you don’t think it’s best for you.’ That’s not going to go anywhere. That’s the brand that we’ve got now. We’ve got to fight away from that, and we’ve got to go right back to the Jacksonian principles, as I’ve said before, of social justice, economic fairness, and individual liberties,” Saunders advised his old party.

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