Tom Basile: Bush Failed to Push Back Against Media Bias That Undermined Iraq War Effort

Washington, DC

Political commentator Tom Basile joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday to discuss his new book, Tough Sell: Fighting the Media War in Iraq.

According to the book’s description on Amazon, the Iraq War showed that “warfare was now, more than ever, a blend of policy, politics, and the business of journalism.”

Basile, who is also a SiriusXM host, told Marlow, “I wrote the book because we actually did a lot, particularly in that first year when the coalition provisional authority was the executive authority after the fall of Saddam Hussein; and there were literally thousands of people, civilian as well as military, who provided a range of support and services to the Iraqi people to help rebuild that country.”

Continued Basile, “That has really been lost to history because of the media biased that we faced that came to define the war.”

Basile said people “soured on the war fairly quickly because even your most ardent supporter, if they are continually bombarded by nothing but negative news, they’re ultimately going to change their mind.”

Citing the Trump administration’s daily adversarial back and forth with the media, Basile added that his book addresses what the Bush administration “didn’t do as well as it could have in terms of pushing back against this editorial filter that conservatives are up against every single day.”

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