D’Souza: The Left Isn’t Just Tearing Down History, They’re Rewriting It

Purging Monuments 2 CASEY TOTHAP

Bestselling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam regarding the left’s assault on monuments, including protesters who recently shrouded a statue of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia in black.

D’Souza said it’s important for conservatives to realize that it isn’t merely about taking down history, as some have claimed. “That’s actually not what they’re up to,” he said.

“They’re not merely taking down history. They’re trying to promote their own very selective reading of history,” he went on.

Said D’Souza, “What the left is doing is targeting the types of monuments that further its narrative, the so-called big lie going on here, is to project all the sins of the Democratic Party onto either the white man, the South, or America.”

He also said that he’s proud to expose George Soros’s Nazi connections from when he was a teenager and that he’s now supporting Antifa.

He believes the Republican Party doesn’t know how to engage in this kind of fight, adding that it’s focused a lot on fake media but not on fake scholarship and fake education. D’Souza insists the left has reinvented socialism as something of the right and not of the left even though that’s not true, saying it’s a form of bullying on a national scale.

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