Alabama Callers Discuss Roy Moore Senate Race

Judge Roy Moore
AP/Brynn Anderson,
Washington, DC

Breitbart News Sunday SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour took calls from Alabama voters during the Sunday, November 20, show.

Caller Alan from Alabama said the Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey couldn’t remove Judge Roy Moore from the race even if she had the power, saying the people wouldn’t stand for it. “Forget about the polls. I live here,” he said. Alan said he grew up near Gadsden and “the people of Alabama would not have stood for any kind of child molestation from somebody like that.”

Alan characterized the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore as a fabrication of the Washington elite, including media and Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who simply want to prevent Moore from getting to Washington. “These things are made up. They just want to get rid of Judge Moore,” said the caller, adding the people of Alabama will not let the establishment take the seat and that Roy Moore will be the next Senator from Alabama.

Another caller, Gail from Alabama, criticized media for coming up with allegations from so long ago which would be all but impossible for anyone to defend themselves against. “These allegations are Kryptonite. That’s why you’re hearing all these holier than thou people in the Senate who couldn’t pass a polygraph about their life.”

She repeatedly dismissed the notion that media could even deem the allegations “credible” after all these years and suggested it was all an establishment planned hit on Roy Moore from the start. Both short calls can be heard below.

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