Bannon: Trump Endorses Roy Moore Against Democrats Radical on Life, Guns, Border Security

HENAGAR, AL - NOVEMBER 27: Judge Roy Moore holds a campaign rally on November 27, 2017 in Henagar, Alabama. Over 100 supporters turned out to the event packing the Henagar Event Center. (Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images)
Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon discussed President Trump’s Twitter endorsement of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Bannon said Trump’s tweet forthrightly laid out the issues facing Alabama voters and explained how putting another Democrat in the Senate would jeopardize the agenda they voted for in the 2016 presidential election. He criticized the “Fake News” media for clouding the issue, citing false report by ABC News about former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and the attendant drop in the stock market on Friday, as another example of false news coverage harming the fortunes of American voters.

“I think ABC has got a lot to answer for,” Bannon said. “If Breitbart had done that, we’d be out of business. They’d say Breitbart has got to be shut down. We’d have 9,000 derivative shareholder suits. If these shareholders go and get some class action lawyers, you never know what could happen to ABC News. It was really inappropriate.”

Bannon said President Trump’s Twitter account, which he employed to deliver his endorsement of Moore, “disintermediates” the mainstream media.

He said there was no “better, more succinct summary of what the Trump agenda is, and why putting ‘Pelosi/Schumer liberal puppet Jones’” would damage that agenda, than Trump’s Monday morning tweet.

“Liberal Puppet Jones, that’s a good handle, it’s almost as good as Little Bobby Corker or Crooked Hillary, et cetera,” he added, quoting Trump’s description of Alabama Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

Bannon portrayed the Alabama election as part of the “nullification project” to overturn the results of the 2016 election. “I think that’s why you see President Trump coming in now, understanding the importance of Roy Moore, particularly against somebody like Jones, who’s very radical – whether it’s on life issues, whether it’s on gun issues, whether it’s on the border,” he said.

“Here’s a guy that didn’t even have the guts and the courage to come up on the Kate Steinle situation,” he added. “It’s just pathetic. The difference down in Alabama, for the people of Alabama, is pretty clear.”

“But now you’re seeing the rear-guard action of the Washington – you know, Republican elites are already whining that there’s no good solution for these guys. They’ve already admitted defeat in this thing,” he said, quoting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s comment over the weekend that it’s up to the people of Alabama to choose who their next senator will be.

“The Democrats have nationalized this election,” Bannon said, noting that Jones has a ten-to-one campaign spending advantage over Moore.

“They’re pouring money into TV ads, get out the vote, et cetera. So Judge Moore, once again cut off by the entire Republican Party, cut off by Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell made a decision to get the RNC out of there, made a decision to get the Senate Leadership Fund out of there. This is on Mitch McConnell, he’s got to do more than just let the people of Alabama decide. If anything happens untowards down there, it’s on Mitch McConnell’s shoulders. Mitch always wants the easy way out,” he charged.

“This is one of my problems with Mitch McConnell. They shepherd this tax bill through there – which is really not tax reform, it’s more of a tax cut – he shepherds it through there and he thinks it means all credit to get out of the sins he’s had against President Trump and the grassroots populist-nationalist-conservative movement. And the answer is no,” Bannon declared.

“He’s still allowing these senators to trash President Trump,” he complained. “He really hasn’t had President Trump’s back on anything. As Lindsey Graham said the other day, I think it was picked up on ABC, that ‘we have to’ – that meant the senators – ‘had to get the Senate bill passed, or the Bannon wing of the Republican Party, you know the grassroots populist wing, will have every right to throw us out.’”

“Every accomplishment Mitch McConnell has had is because this great audience, and the people that go to Breitbart and other conservative sites and other grassroots sites, have put tremendous pressure on him,” Bannon contended. “They had to start working more days a week. They had to start working longer hours. They had to have more hearings. They had to get focused on getting the tax bill done. And now they’re still trying to slip in some DACA stuff, they’re trying to play their games.”

“It’s constant, constant pressure from the grassroots movement, from the grassroots conservatives. The hobbits with their pitchforks and torches outside the castle are the guys that are making these guys do anything. So don’t think they’re there to help you. They’re not. They’re there to basically respond to the donors and respond to their global corporatist clients. But when the ‘deplorables’ get focused, they can put the wood to them and make these guys get the job done,” he said.

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