Frank Gaffney: ‘We’re Going to Have an Embassy and Government that Recognize the Capital of Israel, What a Concept!’

Israeli soldiers place flags on the graves of Jews killed in the battle for Jerusalem during Israel's 1948 War of Independence, on the eve of Memorial Day, Yom Hazikaron, at a small military cemetery on the Mount of Olives on May 6, 2008 in Jerusalem. Israel will remember its 22,437 …
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Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss President Trump’s decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the full reinstatement of Trump’s travel ban, and the thwarted terrorist plot to kill British Prime Minister Theresa May.

“It seems as though the policy, Alex, is going to be – drum roll – we’re going to have an American embassy as well as a government that recognizes the capital of Israel. What a concept!” Gaffney told Marlow.

“Not only that, but this is a case where we have a presidential candidate who promised to do just that, as I think basically all of them have, certainly all of the finalists for the candidacy of president – and he’s going to do it, which is the first time,” he continued.

“This is an epic deal. It is a little unclear to me exactly when it is going to happen. I hope what they will do, and what I recommended to, among others, our friend Steve Bannon for months and months now, is tell the guys in the American consulate in West Jerusalem to replace the plaque in front of their consulate with one that says ‘Embassy of the United States’ instead of ‘Consulate of the United States,’ and be done with the damn thing. I think by doing that you would diminish greatly the probability that you’re going to find the kind of outrage and violence across the region and the rest of it that we’ve been warned about for many, many years now,” he advised.

“That’s not to say that some of that won’t happen,” he added. “I think that we have conditioned the community that I call ‘sharia supremacists’ to believe that if we are threatened, we will back down, and if they use violence against us, we will back down even more and faster. That’s the kind of thing that, amazingly enough – I mean, it’s almost incredible – but it actually induces them to engage in more violence.”

Gaffney explained that the actual process of moving the embassy might take several years to complete because a new building with high security standards would be constructed, rather than merely converting the existing consulate into a full-blown embassy as he suggested.

Nevertheless, Gaffney said the embassy move will be a “highly politicized event” that should be completed as swiftly as possible to minimize disruption and maximize its political and diplomatic benefits. He cited the danger of Palestinian activists believing that violence could effectively prevent the embassy move from occurring, if the move remains an “open question” that takes “months or years” to resolve, as a reason to make it happen quickly.

“You have in this community – and again, it’s not all Palestinians, not all Palestinians are even Muslim, let alone sharia-adherent – but within the leadership of both, let’s be clear, both Hamas and the so-called PLO, the Palestinian Authority, you have sharia supremacists who believe it is God’s will that they destroy us,” he warned. “Not just the Jews, not just Israel, but us as well. And they behave that way reflexively, and notably, we have been rewarding them for doing so for years and years.”

“We have been ignoring the fact that they not only praise martyrs, they name streets after them. These are people who kill Jews or others. They lionize them. Stadiums are named after them and the like. They reinforce this message with their kids in their schools and on their media,” he pointed out.

Gaffney said President Trump has an opportunity to “break that dynamic” and prevent “more of that kind of behavior from taking place” by dismantling the perverse incentives for Palestinian violence.

“When we do appease them, we get more violence. That’s what we’ve been seeing for a long time. So let’s change the paradigm,” he said.

Gaffney described the reinstatement of President Trump’s travel ban by order of the Supreme Court as a “huge victory for the good guys,” noting that “seven out of the nine Supreme Court justices agreed, at least implicitly if not very explicitly, that the president of the United States actually does have the authority that both constitutionally and statutorily has been vested in him.”

“That is to say, the exclusive authority to determine who is allowed to come into the United States, and who is not allowed to come into the United States,” he elaborated, adding that partisans in the fight have acknowledged there would have been little question of that authority if the president were not Donald Trump.

“There’s a lot of thrashing that will continue, as you say. It’s a temporary deal,” he told Marlow. “But I believe at the end of the day those seven – or at least six, or maybe it’s five – are going to support what is the president’s authority, and the authority by the way that we need to have him have and exercise.”

Gaffney said the plot by Islamist terrorists to kill British Prime Minister Theresa May should be seen as “a product of what we have seen the Brits and others in Europe and to some extent us here in the United States, of accommodating the rising tide of sharia supremacism.”

“That is a term I use advisedly. I’m not impugning all Muslims. I’m talking about the ones that believe it is God’s will that they triumph over all of us by imposing this brutally repressive doctrine of sharia on us,” he said.

“The more you enable that, in among other places exclusive zones, no-go zones if you will, the more you seem to be reinforcing their appetite and their expectation that you will submit to them, the more you’re going to see of this behavior,” he cautioned.

Gaffney said another place where such dangerous accommodations are being made “comes in the midst of all this thrashing that is going on now about sexual abuse, and harassment, and exploitation, and the like – leading notably yesterday to John Conyers resigning from office.”

“There has been kind of a black hole for commentary and even fact-telling about the institutionalized misogyny of sharia,” he contended. “Things like, oh, I don’t know, wife-beating and marital rape and female genital mutilation and honor killings and child marriage. These are the sorts of things that if John Conyers claimed he were Muslim he’d be able to get away with, in certainly Britain and arguably here in America. We have to hold these folks accountable.”

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