Peter Schweizer: Senate Should Call Joe Biden and His Son to Testify on China Deals

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Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and senior editor-at-large at Breitbart News, called on the Republican-led Senate to call both Joe Biden and his second son, Hunter Biden, to testify on a $1.5 billion deal secured by a Biden family business with the Chinese government.

Hunter Biden — Biden’s second son —  secured $1 billion in financing  from the Bank of China — an arm of the Chinese government — for a private equity firm named Bohai-Harvest RST (BHR) founded by himself and Christopher Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry.


Schweizer recalled, “Joe Biden was brought in as vice president to Barack Obama because of his foreign policy experience, and he was, by the words of Barack Obama, the point-person for Obama administration policy when it came to certain countries, those include China and Ukraine.”

Schweizer continued, “Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, after he became vice president of the United States, started a financial investment firm called Rosemont Seneca Partners. Hunter Biden, at this time, had no background in China, no background in Ukraine, and really no background in private equity.”

Schweizer went on: “Hunter Biden struck a series of extremely lucrative deals with the Chinese government and with Ukrainian oligarchs at precisely the same time his father was carrying out policies in those countries. In fact, the deal with China happened ten days after Hunter flew with this father on Air Force Two to Beijing, China, when Joe Biden was meeting with Chinese officials and Hunter Biden was meeting with corporate individuals connected to the Chinese government, and those deals are eye-popping.”

“The Chinese deal [was] $1.5 billion with a ‘b,’ and these deals are unique. Nobody else had them in China. Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, all the well-known names of finance, none of them have these lucrative deals that Hunter Biden got.”

The Senate should call on Joe and Hunter Biden to testify on their family business dealing with the Chinese state, advised Schweizer.

“This is the sort of thing that cries out for investigation because it involves self-enrichment and corruption,” determined Schweizer. “It also involves this very critical issue that was at the centerpoint of these allegations of collusion, and that is that foreign entities somehow have leverage over American political figures. Well, if the Chinese government is helping your son get rich with deals that he does not deserve, that is leverage, and for anybody to argue otherwise would be completely naive and ridiculous.”

Schweizer added, “It needs to be investigated. it needs to be looked at, because it’s cashing in in its most crude and ridiculous form.”

Schweizer remarked, “The U.S. Senate, which is in Republican hands — because I don’t think the House is going to do it for political reasons — should simply have the vice president and/or his son come and testify and explain in December of 2013 — when Joe Biden is meeting with Chinese official — why is Hunter Biden on Air Force Two? And was a government resource — a taxpayer-funded resource, Air Force Two — in that official trip used for the self-enrichment of the Biden family?”

Schweizer explained, “What basically happened is, Joe Biden went over there — and again, by all public accounts — went soft on the Chinese. He did not really challenge them on the South China Sea, on human rights, on trade issues. He basically rolled over for them. That’s even what the Washington Post said at the time. And what we know is, ten days after that trip, Hunter Biden’s very small boutique research and investment firm procures a billion-dollar deal from the Chinese government — not a Chinese corporation [or] an American company in China — and that deal later gets expanded to be $1.5 billion.”

Schweizer concluded, “Taxpayers have reason to want to know what took place on that trip. How are these events connected, and what did the Chinese expect in return for that deal? They’re not going to give out those kinds of deals without expecting something in return, whether that’s access [and/or] favorable treatment. These are very basic questions that the vice president and his son should be able to answer.”

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