Jacki Pick: Democrats Cry About ‘Climate Change’ While Opposing Zero-Emission Nuclear Energy

Jacki Pick

If Democrats are sincere about addressing “climate change,” they will support expansion of zero-emission nuclear energy, explained Jacki Pick, host of the Jacki Daily Show on BlazeMedia, offering her remarks on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily in an interview with host Alex Marlow.

Marlow invited Pick’s analysis of Democrats’ comments on “climate change” from Thursday’s Democrat debate in Los Angeles. Pick previously worked as general counsel for an engineering firm specializing in energy and environmental cleanup.

“If [Democrats] could wave a wand, right now, and make all of their policy dreams come true, what they would … return this country to the third world and … [how it was] before the Industrial Revolution,” replied Pick. “They are suggesting, not only do we abolish air travel, [but] any travel that involves gasoline or diesel fuel. It also includes electric vehicles, because electric vehicles run off the grid which is powered by coal, and natural gas, primarily, and nuclear.”


Pick continued, “They’re advocating the elimination of everything made from hydrocarbons, which includes plastics, vinyls, pharmaceuticals, electronics, the clothes that we wear, anything that matters, [and] modern sanitation. They have no idea what they’re talking about.”

Pick addressed Democrats’ calls to eliminate fossil fuel energy use via its replacement with solar power.

“So when Joe Biden says we’re going to end fossil fuels by subsidizing solar, does he understand that not only do we have the obvious problem that it only works when the sun shines, but it has to be continuously backed up by natural gas at all times or another fossil fuel?” asked Pick.

Pick noted, “In order to power the state of Texas with wind or solar, we would need six million acres of wind or solar [farms] installed to do that. That’s ten times as much as you need for natural gas or oil. It’s not green. It’s not possible. It’s just not physically possible. All the battery storage in the world, right now, can power New York City for one hour.”

Pick highlighted the left-wing ideological foundation of the “climate change” narrative.

“Climate change policy is about raising capital, two trillion dollars in capital,” Pick stated. “It’s going to move around and be redistributed under a climate change plan. That’s what it’s about.”

Zero-emission nuclear energy is opposed by many Democrats, remarked Pick.

“The U.S. has the largest nuclear industry on Earth, and we would have a whole lot more of it if there weren’t an irrational fear of it,” Pick said. “It’s a very clean way to make energy. If [Democrats] were serious, they would be 100 percent behind nuclear, because it’s zero emissions, and natural gas is extremely low emission, by the way.”

On the matter of Democrats’ impeachment push against President Donald Trump, Pick shared an observation of the president from time she spent with him.

“I saw the president the night he was impeached, and I can’t tell you what he said, the meeting was off the record, so I’ll just tell you he was as jubilant, as happy, as optimistic [as ever],” Pick shared. “He’s like a stand-up comedian. He was having a great time. This president has not missed a beat because of what the Democrats are doing, and at a minimum, they had hoped for that.”

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