Exclusive — Monica Crowley: Open Borders, Unvetted Afghan Refugees Expose America to a Terrorist Attack

Monica Crowley attends the The Hill, Extra And The Embassy Of Canada Celebrate The White H
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The Biden administration’s policies towards acceptance of Afghan migrants and refugees may invite a terrorist attack, former senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council Monica Crowley warned on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“You’ve got non-state actors like ISIS and al-Qaeda all over Afghanistan,” Crowley, who holds a Ph.D. in international relations and was a longtime foreign affairs and political analyst for the Fox News Channel, said. “So it is 20 years for nothing. … You have an open southern border where we now have DHS officials saying suspected terrorists are coming across every day, and now you’ve got Afghanistan in the hands of terrorists.”

“The national security implications for this are going to be so horrific and so grave,” Crowley said. “Remember after 9/11? The whole conversation in this country was, ‘Oh my god, how could this have happened? Why weren’t our intelligence agencies all over this situation? How could we not know?'”

“Well, 20 years after the fact, you can now literally see a potential terrorist strike in the United States coming down the track,” she assessed. “Yet nobody in any position of authority is doing anything to stop it. Certainly not our president with a wide-open border with wide-open arms for any manner of Afghan refugee.”

She concluded, “God knows what the vetting is like. I am not confident that it is anything airtight enough to prevent terrorists from coming in. So the horrific irony here is: Twenty years after 9/11, we are actually inviting the enemy inside. This is a disgrace. It is horrific. It is unconscionable, and it is a dereliction of duty to me that borders on treason.”


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