Exclusive — Paris Dennard on MLK Day: ‘Shocking’ to See ‘Discriminatory’ Vaccine Mandates ‘Excluding Vast Amounts of Black Americans from Being Able to Work’

Paris Dennard

“These discriminatory practices are shocking when you look at where we’ve come from,” Paris Dennard, national spokesperson and director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee, said of coronavirus vaccine mandates on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

“The Biden-Harris administration didn’t have the constitutional authority to pass  these discriminatory [vaccine] mandates that were excluding vast amounts of black Americans from being able to work,” Dennard said ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

He added, “These discriminatory practices are shocking when you look at where we’ve come from. We’ve made tremendous advancements since the days Dr. King walked this earth.””

Dennard observed how Democrats selectively infer “racism” as a motivation of lawmakers when legislation yields a disparate impact across racial lines. He noted that concerns of “racial equity” are not expressed by Democrats in their analyses of the impacts expanding vaccine mandates.

Dennard stated, “It is a slap in the face and it’s disgraceful for them to be doing it, and it’s a shame that we’re not further along, because we could be further along but for the Democrats and their policies, which continue to hold people down, don’t provide opportunities, are not providing a place to be uplifted.”

“The Biden-Harris administration policies this past year have been terrible for the black community, from an economic standpoint, from a health standpoint, from a public safety standpoint, from an educational standpoint,” he added.”

He concluded, “Many black Americans are living in a nightmare and not living the American dream — or Dr. King’s dream — because of these policies. We can do better, but Democrats have to be willing to work with the Republicans and they have to be willing to step aside from these horrible policies that are hurting people.”

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