Don’t Be a Cuck, Zuck! Accept My Debate Challenge


It’s been four days, and Mark Zuckerberg has yet to accept my offer of a debate to address allegations that Facebook regularly censors topics of interest to conservatives on its “trending news” feature, as well as multiple other cases of censorship on the platform.

Instead of accepting my challenge, Zuckerberg is trying to build bridges by meeting with the tamest, most sycophantic conservatives around today. It won’t work!

I’m sure Zuckerberg thinks it’s a hugely radical gesture to meet with Glenn Beck. After all, didn’t the liberal media call him racist once? Not only that — Zuckerberg is even meeting with Mitt Romney’s former digital director. Truly, it’s the dawn of a new age of bipartisan dialogue.

Except not really, because Zuck is meeting with… cucks. Aside from the Trump representative, who can scarcely avoid the meeting if he wants to hold the social network to its promises come the general election, the conservative representatives are primarily members of the Establishment.

That’s why Breitbart has not participated in the event Facebook has planned for tomorrow, even though Facebook reached out to us. We want something more: we want truth and transparency.

As Breitbart editor in chief Alex Marlow and our executive chairman Steve Bannon have said, the meeting is a photo-op, to reassure Facebook’s investors that the company is taking the concerns of half the political population seriously.

It isn’t. Talking to commentators like S.E. Cupp, whose relevance to conservatives under 40 is equal to Google Plus’s relevance to social media, and adding in a — how do I put this delicately? — Cheetos-encrusted Glenn Beck, just won’t cut it.

It’s like logging on to Facebook solely to strike up conversation with bots. It looks like you’re getting the full experience, but you aren’t really. You need to be talking to someone who is actually loved and trusted by young libertarians and conservatives: me!

I mean, do you really want to be known as the billionaire who lives behind walls, who met with a man (Glenn Beck) who should really be behind four padded walls, to discuss how to stop Trump’s wall?

Conservative pundits under the sway of the establishment are quasi-liberals. More importantly, the triumph of Donald Trump (and the second-place finish of Ted Cruz, whom they also despised) underlines the utter bankruptcy of their conservative street cred.

Meeting with those who would privately cheer at attempts to censor Breitbart and other true conservative sources isn’t something that will reassure the masses.

I’m challenging you, Zuck, to break the mould your own organization has created for its users. This isn’t slacktivism — this is real politics. You can’t just set up a meeting and then forget about the issue, like a one-click online petition. You have to make a real commitment.

So let me interview you.

It’s worth considering why any conservative commentators agreed to this meeting. I suspect it was either to rub shoulders with the Silicon Valley elite (been there, done that, it’s not that exciting frankly) or out of a genuine belief that they can persuade Zuckerberg to keep his social network neutral.

Fat chance. The man persecutes “All Lives Matter” supporters in his own workforce and agreed to a demand from Angela Merkel to censor discussion of the German migrant crisis on Facebook.

If your conservative representatives think they’re achieving anything other than helping with Facebook’s public relations efforts, they’re deluding themselves. Then again, these are the people who thought Ted Cruz would win.

Breitbart wants to meet with Zuckerberg. They’ve authorised me to meet with Zuckerberg personally. But not in a media-controlled, behind-closed-doors photo-op environment. In a real, live debate where Zuckerberg can address the concerns of his conservative users in full view of the public — and on his own platform, live.

Despite the alleged censorship of conservative topics, Breitbart has clawed and hustled its way to fifteenth place in Facebook’s most engaged news sources, and we’re rising.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck’s media empire is crumbling. I hope Zuckerberg doesn’t believe his meeting will have any credibility when the most exciting and beloved conservative news outlet of the last few years – us – refuses to attend. Because it won’t.

Don’t be a cuck, Zuck! My email address is

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