Twitter Takes Milo’s Advice, Tweaks Character Limit

Mike Ma

In February, Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos wrote “Ten Things I’d Do As Twitter CEO“. Three months later, it seems Twitter has gone ahead and used his advice. Although they still haven’t given him his “verified” tick back.

In their latest tweak, Twitter has stopped counting photos and links in the 140-character limit. This very idea could be found at the number eight spot on Milo’s list of suggestions. Additionally, he also added that the 10,000 character limit was a “catastrophic move” that would turn Twitter into the dreaded version of Facebook we see today.

Sure enough, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, later said the same thing when calling the current character cap a “good constraint.”

If Jack Dorsey really is checking in on the suggestions made by Milo, we can only hope he pulls out some other ideas as well. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Mark Zuckerberg’s book and at least try to conceal his platform’s blatant bias against conservatives. 

Jack doesn’t seem to care about the rampant doxing tactics used primarily by Black Lives Matter and progressive users to illegally track down people they deem “racist” and harass them. It also seems conservative views are too radical for his platform, but vigilante-style tactics can remain, so long as they come from the correct side of the political spectrum.


Politically unfashionable hashtags have also been reported to mysteriously disappear from the site’s trending list, including my own campaign to have comedian Amy Schumer deported to Mexico. My hashtag #DeportAmySchumer, for example, suddenly vanished after trending nationally in less than an hour. Maybe Dorsey was just making room for one of the myriad of left-wing doxings?

All of the above would most likely be solved if Twitter just implemented item Number 2 on Milo’s list: Remove politically-zealous employees. We can only hope that Jack pulls that idea out next. Or perhaps just make Milo CEO! After all, the company seems to be following his lead already.

Mike Ma is a Vine comedian and contributor to Breitbart Tech.  You can find him on Twitter at @MikeMa_.