Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Donald

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As many millions of Americans celebrate their fathers today, I as a stranger in a strange land — Alaska, as I write — will celebrate America’s daddy, Donald Trump.

I take flak from liberals over my devotion to Trump. They like to say that I have daddy issues. This is projection so elementary a first year psych student can recognise it.

Donald Trump has earned the nickname of Daddy — well, OK, I made it up — by emerging as America’s best hope to navigate the treacherous path that the next eight years presents.

A father should love and support his family. Have any leaders at the highest levels of government or even within the Republican party made you feel that way in the pre-Trump era?

We’ve gone through a decade of America taking the blame for crisis after crisis outside our borders caused by Islam and the globalist agenda. Americans are also about fed up hearing how the country’s domestic problems are somehow the fault of working taxpayers who abide by the laws of the land.

A father should put the interests of his family above others. Why then does our foreign policy, trade agreements, and open border seem to favour Islamic radicals, the communist government of China and illegal immigrants?

Why is it controversial within the Republican Party for Daddy Trump to say “America first”? Shouldn’t every presidential candidate put America first? It’s time to reclaim this phrase.

A father should always give his family hope for a better future. Donald Trump has been doing that since the announcement of his campaign, when he debuted the simple phrase that has swept the country: “Make America Great Again.” We’ve witnessed an awakening on the right unseen since the days of Reagan.

A diverse coalition has formed, ranging from older conservatives and the religious to the young pranksters of the alt-right. Millions of conservatives who have been disengaged from the political process for decades have once again discovered fire in their belly to fight for their nation’s future.

Trump is doing well with minorities almost untouchable in the past— brave blacks, Latinos and Asians willing to accept harsh criticism from their communities for the high crime of forming their own opinions and standing up for what they believe in.

Gays, women, and every other conceivable minority group in America are also turning towards Trump, as they realise the alternate is America becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These groups have come together with independents and Democrat crossovers to form the biggest tent Republicans have seen in a long time. We owe this all to Donald Trump.

The Donald has consistently ignored conventional wisdom in favour of common sense and ignored “politics” and “acting presidential” in favour of being honest and straightforward. It turns out that Americans respond enthusiastically to straight talk and the America-first mentality.

I call it the Daddy Effect.

Ask any conservative how shocked they still are when Donald Trump says exactly what they are thinking. We are so used to hearing carefully-polled platitudes that don’t have any substance that hearing this man speak from his heart and wealth of experience and wisdom has electrified the nation.

Donald Trump has also opened our eyes to the shady cabal of politicians and pundits in the conservative movement that don’t truly have America in their heart. Globalists, open borders activists and RINOs both in Congress and in the media first mocked the Trump candidacy, then were angry at him, then vowed to stop him at the convention, and now are terrified to their core at the thought that the Trump train doesn’t have brakes.

Bill Kristol, I’m looking at you, darling.

There is one final key responsibility of fatherhood, and that is to keep the family safe. There are 49 fathers who woke up a week ago to learn that their sons and daughters perished in the Muslim terror attack in Orlando.

This attack was completely preventable, as we learn every day about Omar Mateen’s numerous brushes with law enforcement and private citizens. The leadership of America has set a climate in which not appearing biased against Islam is more important than stopping terror.

I’m just a gay Brit with a column in Breitbart, but I’ve been here long enough to observe a few things. President Trump would prevent attacks in the future by the policies he has been talking about for a year now.

He will build a wall, hopefully prevent any further influx of Muslim migrants and free the hands of the FBI and other agencies to investigate and prevent crimes without worrying about political correctness. If there’s one thing he has no time for, it’s total political correctness.

Expect him to navigate nimbly through Washington bureaucracy to empower law enforcement to do their jobs.

Donald Trump has shown his dedication to America over and over again, and, unlike politicians, most of his finest hours were not performed in the spotlight. Whether it is lending his airplanes to combats vets trying to get home, helping a marine suffering in a Mexican prison, or spending time with the members of law enforcement that protect his rallies in every city he visits, Donald Trump is clearly for America.

As an outsider, I can’t observe and say the same about Barack Obama or Hillary.

Donald Trump has a large and beautiful family celebrating him today. He has all the success and money in the world. He doesn’t need the presidency to validate his life’s work.

When he has answered America’s call because he knows he has the leadership necessary to guide the country, Americans believe him.

So, on this Father’s Day, as you celebrate the man who brought you into this world, I urge you to also celebrate the man dedicated to keeping America a free country worthy of bringing future generations into.

Thank you, Daddy!

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