MILO: ‘Western Civilization’ Is At Stake This Election

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Tonight at UC Irvine, MILO warned the students and people of America that “Western Civilization” is on the line at this election.

Let me tell you about where I come from. The UK is falling to Islam as we speak.  There are whole neighborhoods that are no-go zones, much like the Calais Jungle in France.”

He continued on.

There is more at stake here, though, than simply safety, as terrifying as that is. What’s at stake is nothing less than the survival of western civilization. There’s a war on.”

MILO, being from London Londonistan, emphasized that he knew the dangers of Islam. 

Here in Irvine we’re barely an hour from San Bernadino. Everywhere in America you can see the signs that an alien culture, dedicated to the destruction of the west, is making its presence felt.”

You can watch the event below.

MILO wears customized burka and hijab, $99. Combat boots by Diesel, $175. Sunglasses by Gucci, $225. Fishnet stockings: model’s own. 

Written from prepared remarks.  



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