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Delingpole: Apocalypse Trump Is Unleashed on Davos

We knew something apocalyptic was coming in Davos today. Those tactically released photographs of President Trump arriving by helicopter with his entourage were the giveaway: the silhouetted choppers strung out in extended line in the orange-yellow light above the mountains.


The Economist Exclusive — The Future of Bannonism: ‘The Judeo-Christian Liberal West Won’

President Trump’s former chief strategist and current Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon invited the editors of The Economist to his home for a candid discussion about the future of the populist economic nationalist movement and the civilizational challenges that will pit “the Judeo-Christian liberal West” against globalist mercantilist forces from China to Silicon Valley.

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Trump in Poland: West’s Will to Survive is ‘Fundamental Question of our Time’

President Donald Trump in Poland on Thursday declared the paramount importance of defending our values, protecting our borders, building strong families, and preserving Western civilization. It was a speech that could have been given by President Ronald Reagan, reminiscent of Reagan’s historic “Tear Down This Wall” speech.


Virgil — The Emerging Trump Doctrine: The Defense of the West and Judeo-Christian Civilization

Watching Donald Trump speak in Warsaw today, in the shadow of that city’s memorial to the gallantly doomed Polish resistance heroes of World War Two, Virgil thought of another Western leader of indomitable resolve: Winston Churchill. Like Churchill, Trump made clear that we will not only stand up for our Judeo-Christian civilization; we will also, if need be, fight for it.

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EXCLUSIVE – Geert Wilders: Stopping Islamic Immigration Is a Matter of Survival

In April last year, the renowned nonpartisan Pew Research Center released a report on the future growth of world religions. The content was shocking. The report states that, if current trends continue, Islam will almost equal Christianity by 2050. While the world’s population is expected to rise by 35% until the middle of this century, Islam will grow with a staggering 73%.


Why Western Civilization Has Lost Its Self-Confidence

At every turn, it seems, the weak and uncertain leadership of the West is submitting to the strength and evil certainty of radical Islam, of which Winston Churchill warned more than a century ago “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” History shows that strength attracts followers. The latest example that confirms this maxim is the recent report that the Islamic terrorists at ISIS are actively planning to increase their attacks on innocent civilians in the West, in an attempt to provoke one final, huge decisive battle.

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In Memoriam: Avi Davis (1958-2015)

Avi Davis, president and founder of the American Freedom Alliance, passed away peacefully early Monday morning at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was surrounded by friends and loved ones.

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The Real Reason for the Death of Classical Music

One cannot hope for a love of any artistic tradition reflecting the essential aspects of a culture while ignoring the parasites who consume the internal organs of that culture.

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Phillips Warns of ‘Civilizational Battle’ Between Islam and the West

In a lecture on “The Paris Massacres and the Freedom of Speech,” British journalist Melanie Phillips singled out Islam as being the root cause of the violent extremism in the Paris and Copenhagen attacks ,and warned that radical ideologies stemming from the interpretation of the religion’s teachings are a direct threat to western values and the civilization as a whole.


Report from Valhalla on the War of Fourteen Centuries

The saga of which I sing today is a tale most remarkable: My song comes from Valhalla, the Hall of the Slain, where war-heroes go to their rest. All those who have fallen in the fight, and borne wounds yet toiled unto death, from the beginning of the world, are come to the company of the great god Odin. Indeed, at a time of troublesome tumult on the earth, there is even greater news from Valhalla: Men should know that Odin has decided that it is now time to win the War of the Fourteen Centuries. That is, the War that began when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, 1378 years ago. It is time, finally, for vengeance. These are the ways of Odin, Lord of Valhalla.

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Polls: West Ill-at-Ease With Muslims Living in Its Midst

Website Citizen Warrior gathers polls from the U.S. and Europe to paint a portrait of growing unease about Islam in the Western world, presented as evidence that “the Great Awakening has begun.”


Progressives: Pointing Out Extremism is Just Like Extremism

In the wake of the attack on a French satirical paper yesterday, the progressive left has renewed an argument which says anyone who believes Islamic extremism is at war with western culture is an extremist themselves.


California’s Royce: Hebdo Attack Struck ‘Pillar of Civilized World’

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) issued a statement in response to Wednesday’s deadly terrorist attack at the offices of the the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 lives were brutally taken. Rep. Royce expressed how the “disturbing” incident was a direct attack on free speech, which he described as a main “pillar of the civilized world.”