MILO: Black Lives Matter Is ‘The Last Socially Acceptable Hate Group’


During his talk on left-wing race-baiters at the University Wisconson-Milwaukee, MILO described Black Lives Matter as “the last socially acceptable hate group in America.”

Black Lives Matter is the culmination of racial divide. They’re  the last socially acceptable hate group in America. They’re the only group dedicated to racial hatred in America that it’s OK to praise around a Manhattan dinner table, or at a D.C fundraiser,” he said.

“They march on the streets calling for the deaths of white police officers, and receive praise in gushing Atlantic essays the following morning,” he continued.

MILO claimed that having “taken the opportunism of their predecessors,” the group is a culmination of all the worst aspects of identity politics of “feminism, marxism, and every other negative ‘ism’ you can think of.”

Black Lives Matter is the ultimate divisive movement. They aren’t shy about what they don’t like, which is western civilization, capitalism, and the rule of law. They also really dislike the police, and certainly get the credit for the war between black men and police,” he said. 

He also drew on the Black Lives Matter riots that took place in the town of Milwaukee, where the university is based, where activists were “actively looking for white targets, as captured on periscope videos, youtube, and other sources… just not the mainstream media.”

Concluding the slide, MILO quoted the words of the lawmaker and Sheriff Clarke as the best description of the movement.

“Black Lives Matter has no more to do with black issues than Students for a Democratic Society had to do with Democracy. They are means to an end, and they use the black population as sacrifices for their goals. When black celebrities like Beyoncé jump on board I can only wonder what their goals are – more ticket sales? An easy pass from the liberals who control their contracts? It certainly is not to help their community.”

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch MILO’s full talk at UWM below.

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