CBS Offers Pathetically Slimy Correction To Its MILO ‘White Nationalist’ Lie


The local CBS News affiliate in Seattle issued a half-hearted correction to an article in which they called Breitbart editor MILO a “white nationalist.”

The original article, which falsely branded MILO a “white nationalist,” and a leader of the alt-right movement was slightly modified. It now repeats the false claims of others instead of making the claims itself.

“Yiannopoulos — who had been invited to speak Friday by the University of Washington College Republicans — who has been called a white nationalist and “alt-right” leader, a charge that Yiannopoulos has repeatedly denied,” the article now reads.

Claiming that an individual “has been called” a certain something is questionable with regards to journalistic standards because it does not require the reporter to substantiate the claim.

Unlike the local CBS affiliate, several other news outlets have issued whole corrections after falsely branding MILO a “white nationalist.”


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