CU Boulder Leftist Emails Threat to MILO Show Ticket-Holders: ‘We Will Know Your Faces’


An anonymous and encrypted email address sent out a threat to attendees of Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s show at CU Boulder tonight, warning: “We know who you are, tonight we will know your faces.”

“The identities of attendees will be released to the public on a list of known Neo-Nazi sympathizers,” continued the email, which was forwarded to Breitbart News from numerous attendees. “We do not tolerate fascists.”

The threatening email was sent from an encrypted email address under the name of “”

“When you use Hushmail, you own your data and your emails are not analyzed to display advertising. Your data is never sold to anyone,” explain Hushmail on their website. “Your IP address does not appear on the headers of the email. Encryption between Hushmail users happens automatically, so you don’t even have to think about it.”

It is currently unknown as to how the user received the entire ticket-holders email list.

Several flyers on campus have falsely claimed MILO to be a “Nazi” ahead of his show at CU Boulder tonight, with other posters proclaiming that “it’s always OK to to punch a Nazi,” with MILO’s face and his event date posted below.

Peaceful attendees at MILO’s previous shows have repeatedly been assaulted and verbally abused by left-wing and “anti-fascist” protesters.

On President Trump’s inauguration day, MILO’s show at the University of Washington was heavily affected after left-wing and “anti-fascist” protesters turned up with baseball bats and sharpened sticksTwo police helicopters were called out to deal with the crowd, as well as a bomb squad and riot police, after numerous MILO fans were assaulted and faced violence.

Prior to the show, a banner had been spotted near the event location in Seattle encouraging protesters to “stab” MILO on inauguration day.

Earlier in January, MILO’s show at UC Davis was forcibly cancelled after left-wing protesters ripped down barricades, allegedly threw furniture at attendees, assaulted a reporter with hot coffee, spat on camera menscreamed at police officers who were protecting those inside, and attempted to destroy the equipment of those filming.

An event in December was also cancelled following threats from Dakota Pipeline protesters, while several protesters were arrested at Michigan State University last year.

At the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, MILO’s video producer was attacked by communist protesters, while in May, two #BlackLivesMatter activists stormed MILO’s stage and threatened him, with one protester throwing her fist near his face while screaming.

Despite the rising level of violence committed by left-wing protesters at MILO’s events, “anti-fascists” have repeatedly encouraged protesters to disrupt his shows in any way possible.

Breitbart News have reached out to Hushmail over the emailed threat, citing the service’s anti-threat policy.

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