NBA All-Star Distraction: Union Head Fires Back

NBA All-Star Distraction: Union Head Fires Back

NBA players gathering in Houston for the All-Star weekend did not invite union chief Billy Hunters, so his lawyers have  issued an on-line response to those who believe he should be replaced. The NBA would prefer to keep the focus on Lebron James, who has received daily comparisons to Michael Jordan since Breitbart Sports broached the subject Monday.

James was only the third player in NBA history to score 30 points while shooting over 60 percent from the floor in five straight games, and that streak would be alive at seven games if he had not taken a 28-foot three-pointer with the shot clock running out late in the Heat’s win over Oklahoma City last night. That shot lowered his field goal percentage from 61% to 58% despite hit 39 points, and ESPN reported Friday morning that Kevin Durant admitted there are times he does not take a late shot because it could lower his shooting percentage.

The NBA would rather have the weekend showcase their stars, and the emerging stars taking place in the dunk contest. Instead, the Hunter dispute is a distraction. Hunter notes that he has taken the association from a $5 million deficit to $80 million surplus and built benefits for players.

Hunter’s opponents complain about a $1.3 million payout for unused vacation, and gifts and travel expenses. However, it did not claim any of these activities were criminal, only a possible basis for removing him from his post due to the status of his contract.