CT. Sen. to Murdoch: Don't Broadcast 'Inappropriate' NRA 500 Race

CT. Sen. to Murdoch: Don't Broadcast 'Inappropriate' NRA 500 Race

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) wrote a letter to Rupert Murdoch to “urge” him to not broadcast this Saturday’s NRA 500 NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway because the winner of the race will, following tradition, shoot blanks from six-shooters on victory lane. Murphy said such a celebration is “inappropriate” in the “immediate wake of the Newtown massacre.”

The senator said the race would also bring “national attention” to the NRA, which Murphy called a “radical organization.” 

Fox will broadcast the race on Saturday evening.

This is not the first time Murphy has politicized the Newtown shootings to advance his gun control agenda. Last month, Murphy accused NASCAR of siding against the families of the Newtown victims by agreeing to allow the NRA to sponsor the Texas race. 

“This celebration of guns is inappropriate in the immediate wake of the Newtown massacre,” Murphy said. “But most importantly, broadcasting this race, which will highlight the NRA and its radical agenda during this time, sends a harmful signal to the families affected by gun violence, as well as the millions of Americans who support sensible gun control measures and enjoy your sports programming.”