Youth Basketball Team Wears 'I am Trayvon' Shirts to Tourney

Youth Basketball Team Wears 'I am Trayvon' Shirts to Tourney

Those who showed up to evaluate basketball prospects at the Las Vegas Fab 48 also saw shirts featuring the words “I AM TRAYVON” on players just 11 days after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in his shooting death. Game Elite’s 17-year-old basketball team from Atlanta showed up to warm up in the shirts the day before play started Thursday morning.

Coach Ryan Falker told Yahoo! Sports, “Even the caucasian player I have on my team, he wore it proudly.”

A tweet of some of the players appearing in the shirts was shown by the Sporting News and other sources. The coach told Yahoo! Sports that the players on the team had watched the verdict on TV, and even filmed their reaction to it.

The team is an AAU team that competes against some of top teams around the country in one of several age and level brackets in the tournament, which goes through this weekend. College basketball coaches now make their decisions on scholarship offers based almost purely on these tournaments, as most high school action is virtually ignored because the school schedule overlaps with their college games and the level of play is so much lower.

Photo credit: @DvBballMom Twitter Account