Rand Paul: Democrats refuse regulations to make annual D vs R congressional baseball game fair

Rand Paul: Democrats refuse regulations to make annual D vs R congressional baseball game fair

In his interview with Breitbart Newsabout his upcoming trip to South Carolina for an event with Rep. JeffDuncan (R-SC), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) joked that he has askedcongressional Democrats to agree to regulations that would ensurefairness in the annual Democrats versus Republicans baseball game.

Paul said he met Duncan and the two became friends on the baseballteam for the game Republicans play versus Democrats to raise money forthe Boys and Girls Club of Washington, D.C.

“Jeff Duncan and I have become friends because we played for theRepublican baseball team,” Paul said in a phone interview. “So, I’veknown him for the last, I think, three years we’ve played.Unfortunately, the Democrats have beaten us three years in a row and notjust by a little. We lost 22 to nothing this year. We got creamed. Butanyway, I’ve gotten to know Jeff Duncan through the baseball team. Wewere talking this summer and he said we got this barbecue, and he askedme to come down and I said ‘that’d be great.'”

As for their baseball skills, when asked who on the team is a goodplayer and who is not, Paul joked: “Do you want me to give the truth, orto give to the political answer?”

“We’re all good, or at least we think we’re good,” Paul added. “Weall probably were good maybe 20, 25 years ago. He [Duncan] is a goodplayer. The problem we have is the Democrats have a pitcher by the nameof Cedric Richmond, and he’s like 32 years old. And he played incollege. They’ve got a ringer and so I keep telling them that you guysbelieve in so many regulations, why don’t we have a regulation that yourpitcher can only pitch for two innings? So far they haven’t come backin support of that. The other thing I’ve told them is since they believein equal outcomes, maybe we should get six outs for every one of theirthree outs so that levels the playing field since they’re so much betterthan we are. So far they really aren’t interested in any of my rulechanges. But it’s a fun game, we do it for charity. It’s for the Boysand Girls Club of D.C. And that’s how I got to know Jeff Duncan.”

For more information on Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) and the headacheshe has caused congressional Republicans in the annual game with hisfastball at over 80 miles per hour, check out this story from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.


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