Local Media Can't Resist Piling on Duke Basketball over Gun Photo

Local Media Can't Resist Piling on Duke Basketball over Gun Photo

If anyone thinks that Duke basketball gets a pass from their local media in North Carolina, they don’t understand the dynamic of being a small school just a few miles from the much larger U. of North Carolina (UNC) and N.C. State. This is magnified by the fact that UNC also has a large journalism school which floods the local area with pro Tar Heel reporters.

One such admitted Tar Heel fan is Raleigh News and Observer columnist Barry Saunders, who normally spends his time as part of the Democrat stenographer corps of sycophant liberals. However, when the opportunity comes to join the formulaic politically correctness chorus and attack Duke and Coach K at the same time, Saunders just can’t help himself. It’s the daily double of his sphere.

“Young men with guns is something we seemingly see every day” he droned predictably in a column yesterday about the photo of Duke players at West Point with fake guns that the team was forced to remove. “We see and read about the carnage and mayhem that is too often wrought by them. Frankly, we don’t need those images intruding the hallowed halls of academia.” 

Saunders admitted in the article that when people understood the backstory, that the team was posing after a motivational exercise on the campus of West Point, that most probably wouldn’t really mind the photo. Nonetheless, he ignored his own logic and continued, saying, “because of gun violence on campuses in recent years, schools and universities have had to implement emergency measures…so any glorification of guns is…an airball.” 

And Saunders was not alone. Adam Gold, long known for slipping political liberalism into the sports talk show he co-hosts along with Joe Ovies on 99.9 The Fan, swatted aside Ovies logical statement about the guns not being real in the first place, insisting, “the team should have used more forethought” and that, “you’re in your Duke uniform…and everybody’s out there holding machine guns…it looks bad.” 

Keep in mind, these gratuitous swats at Duke and Coach K were after the university had caved to the political correctness, apologized and removed the photo from all promotional sites. What this shows is that Duke’s administration has not learned the lessons of how badly they responded to their not guilty lacrosse players, and that the local media is still decidedly liberal, and not particularly friendly to Duke.