Keeping Muschamp Would Be Huge Mistake For Gators

Keeping Muschamp Would Be Huge Mistake For Gators

When a big time football coach leaves a program, rarely is the transition to the new regime seamless. In the pro game and in college, championship coaches are often followed by lesser leaders. For every Bill Walsh hand-off to George Seifert there are countless coaching changes that result in a down period for a squad. Often, teams don’t get back to the top until another coach replaces the new one. That looks to be the case right now in Gainesville.

It is time for the University of Florida to part ways with their head coach Will Muschamp. Things are not working out. Muschamp is to Urban Meyer as Ron Zook is to Steve Spurrier. At best he’s a mere stop gap until the next coach capable of leading the Gators back to the top comes along. Why prolong the agony?

Florida’s most recent debacle, a 26-20 loss at home to Georgia Southern, should be the final nail in the coaching coffin. Not only did the Gators lose their sixth consecutive contest, but it also assured the team a losing record for the first time since Jimmy Carter was president.  

Remember, we are talking about Georgia Southern. Not the Bulldogs of Georgia, but the Eagles of Georgia Southern. A team that Florida paid handsomely to come to the swap for a friendly that turned out to be anything but. Not only did the Gators lose but they were beaten by a team that didn’t complete a pass all afternoon. Georgia Southern was 0-20 all-time against FBS competition. Make that 1-20 now with the victory over Muschamp. 

Surely a coach shouldn’t be judged by one game. That’s the problem for Florida. Muschamp has grossly underachieved all along. The loss to the Eagles is just the not so grand finale if you will. Granted, the Gators have had their share of injuries but the biggest wound right now is on the sidelines. Poor clock management, curious play calling, and rotten personnel decisions have become the norm for a program that was one of the best not too long ago.

Unfortunately for Florida, reports are surfacing that Muschamp’s job is safe. Rumblings out of Gainesville indicate that the beleaguered coach will remain while big changes are coming to his staff. Scapegoat much

It’s time for Florida to realize this is not the man for the job and he never was. Perhaps things were put best after the latest loss when the words “disappointed for the program” and “an embarrassment” were used. Those comments came from Muschamp himself. He even knows something is very wrong. If only those in charge would do the right thing. 

So Florida brass, get on the phone and call Charlie Strong now. Heck, call anybody. Otherwise you’re in for another year of a record that’s stuck in the swamp. With Florida State and Miami getting stronger you could set things back for a long time with local recruits. Muschamp simply bit off more than he can chomp and the sooner the coaching root canal is performed the better.