Missing Marshawn: Back Bails on Reporters

Missing Marshawn: Back Bails on Reporters

Just call Marshawn Lynch the anti-Richard Sherman. 

While the Seahawks running back’s teammate on defense comfortably held court with reporters, Marshawn Lynch bailed on the NFL’s Super Bowl Media Day after six minutes and twenty seconds. 

He admitted that he prefers taking linebackers on to taking journalists on. “Nope,” the running back said, “I’m just about action. You say ‘hut’ and there’s action. All the unnecessary talk, it don’t do nothing for me. I appreciate that people want to hear from me, but I just go to work and do my thing. You feel me?”

If the assembled scribes and broadcasters didn’t feel him then, they felt Lynch minutes later when he headed for the exits. The NFL announced that they wouldn’t be fining one of the league’s best running backs for ditching the scheduled hour-long media availability.