Syracuse Security Tosses Duke Fans….For Cheering for Duke?

Syracuse Security Tosses Duke Fans….For Cheering for Duke?

Syracuse doesn’t owe anybody an apology for the way they’ve been playing basketball. As for a couple daring to support Duke in a crammed Carrier Dome Saturday night, they’re deserving of more than an “I’m sorry” from the Orangemen for being unceremoniously tossed from the venue this weekend.

“Syracuse University appears to owe the couple not only a public apology, but their money back and an invitation to the chancellor’s suite for the next home Duke game,” editorializes “From what we have learned from witnesses, the guard became some kind of discipline stalker. He harassed the pair of fans and swore at them repeatedly; engaging in just the kind of behavior he was being paid to prevent.”

Leslie Gilman and Shane Hackett, Blue Devils fans from Rochester, New York, enjoyed the game from $500 seats until a security guard described as overzealous allegedly swore at them repeatedly, put his hands on Ms. Gilman, and ejected them from the dome. Even Syracuse fans have taken the side of the couple. Mr. Hackett has discussed the matter with a lawyer.

Syracuse followed up their weekend win over Duke with a victory over Notre Dame. At 22-0, they are currently the top ranked team in the nation. The team boasts 43 straight winning seasons. “Act like you’ve been there before” certainly seems to be a message heeded by their successful coach and players. But their security?