Scholla: P.J. The Prognosticator! Carlesimo Predicts Belinelli-Beal Three-Point Final

Scholla: P.J. The Prognosticator! Carlesimo Predicts Belinelli-Beal Three-Point Final

It was one of the most dramatic three-point shootouts in NBA All-Star Weekend history, but for P.J. Carlesimo it was all a foregone conclusion. Before the completion, Carlesimo, the longtime coach turned analyst made his predictions on ESPN Radio. Without hesitation, he confidently chose San Antonio Spurs sharpshooter Marco Belinelli out of the West and Washington’s long-range wizard Bradley Beal from the East. Not unlike Belinelli and Beal, Carlesimo nailed it.

Belinelli overcame a couple of air balls by showing money ball marksmanship. He tallied the best score in the West, besting big names like Stephen Curry and Kevin Love.
Beal handily won the East to advance to the final round against Belinelli. One round wasn’t enough to decide things though. The two masters of the triple finished even after the horn sounded. So it was on to a tiebreaker.
There, Bellinelli only seemed to get stronger. He canned shot after shot and ran away from Beal 24-18 to take the title.

It was as exciting as this competition gets, but Carlesimo had the match-up pegged all along. Perhaps P.J. the prognosticator can tell us what party will win the White House in 2016. Of course that won’t take a Nostradamus once the primaries are decided. If the GOP picks someone like Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz, the Republicans win. If they go with a Chris Christie or Jeb Bush type, then Democrats will have a better shot. Time will tell. Unfortunately when it comes to political decisions from Republicans, those that would be considered All-Star quality are few and far between.