Showtime! New Sarah Palin Outdoors TV Series Debuts Thursday Night

Showtime! New Sarah Palin Outdoors TV Series Debuts Thursday Night

Part of what makes our country so exceptional is the unique people that live here. Now, some of those very Americans will be featured in the much anticipated Sportsman Channel program, Amazing America with Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor creates a buzz with everything she touches, and this exciting new series is no different. In fact, the energy around the new show is pulsating.

Amazing America with Sarah Palin is an anthology of stories exploring people, places, and pastimes connected to outdoor lifestyle. Palin, the First Lady of the Outdoors, makes for the perfect host.

“Governor Palin will provide viewers with some really fun stories about terrific people and places across Red, Wild, and Blue America,” said Gavin Harvey, CEO of Sportsman Channel.

Sportsman Channel is dedicated to provide the most entertaining and informative hunting, shooting, and fishing multimedia content while also promoting conservation and the tradition of the sportsman lifestyle. Palin’s new series will give Americans an alternative to some of the garbage currently polluting our airwaves with quality content covering amazing American activities.

Viewers will be treated each week to a half-hour of interesting, original stories presented by Palin. Not only are the guests and topics Palin-approved, but the Mama Grizzly even had a hand in choosing the theme music for the show. Patriotic rockers Madison Rising wrote an original song for the program. The band had been featured by Palin on social media months prior for their stirring rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

Co-Hosts Jerry Carroll and Mark Christopher Lawrence will also be bringing their talents to the show.

Carroll is a farmer, agricultural speaker, and comedian. He will co-host six installments of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, offering his quick wit and down home take on things. “You know you’re mending fences, you’re moving your cows to your winter pasture, and you get a call asking if you’d like to do a show with Sarah Palin,” Carroll told Breitbart Sports. “My first though was how much have you been drinking this morning?” 

But the call was legit. Carroll’s manager was on the other line to tell him about the opportunity from Pilgrim Studios thrown Carroll’s way. Sportsman Channel noticed Carroll on YouTube and wanted him right away. He is honored for the chance.

“If it’s the heartland, it’s me,” Carroll said. “I bring that good ol’ boy, dare I say redneck, blue-collar experience to the viewers.” The hysterical Carroll definitely puts the Wild in Red, Wild, and Blue.

Lawrence, an accomplished comedian and actor will co-host seven episodes. The Compton, California native experiences stories that exemplify the American dream. “This journey across America is truly rewarding,” Lawrence said. “Every person we talked with was very giving of their time and happy to share their amazing experiences of the hard work and passion for adventure and the outdoors. The diversity of the stories will inspire viewers and brig laughter and joy.”  

In addition to Carroll and Lawrence, Outdoor TV reality host Benny Spies will also co-host from time to time. 

Amazing America with Sarah Palin will showcase outdoor sports and events that aren’t usually in the limelight. A blacksmith championship, pastors racing cars, knives makers, and a taxidermist will be featured. Even country music star Craig Morgan stops by. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Each week, viewers will be treated to something fresh and new. Something amazing going on in America.

One of the guests on the first episode is Julie Golob. The shooting champion, hunter, author, and veteran has clear appeal to a Palin project. Golob is a mom of two little ones and one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world. The captain of Smith & Wesson’s highly successful shooting team braves some frigid temperatures in Montana to put on a shooting clinic for the viewers. 

Just like Sarah Palin did with her father, Golob went hunting with her dad at a very young age. The love and respect for firearms was cemented. Now Golob is a role model for girls everywhere. “I like that women and young girls can look up to me the same way I looked up to other female shooters of my generation, growing up as a kid,” Golob told Breitbart Sports. One girl learning to shoot like Golob lives right in her home. “Before my husband and I took our six year old to the range for the first time we made sure she had a basic understanding of firearm safety,” said Golob. “As a parent only you know when that’s the right time. But there’s no taboo about firearms in our house.”

Golob, like so many of the guests on the new Palin venture is a breath of fresh air. Viewers will be treated again and again to guests that share that love of outdoors, traditional values, and commonsense of Sarah Palin.   

Amazing America with Sarah Palin has all the makings of a real winner. The greatness of our nation lies within the very people that make it up. Their stories are really amazing and Sportsman Channel is bringing these tales of fun, action, and inspiration to our living rooms on a weekly basis. The amazing people of an amazing country brought to you by the amazing Sarah Palin. Must-see TV has returned. 

Amazing America with Sarah Palin debuts Thursday, April 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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