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Denver Dethrones Dallas as 'America's Team'

Denver Dethrones Dallas as 'America's Team'

The Dallas Cowboys come off the high of defeating the defending Super Bowl champions in their home stadium. Nevertheless, fans just knocked them off their throne as “America’s team.”

A Harris Interactive poll found that Americans root for the Denver Broncos more than any other football team. The Cowboys dropped from one to four, the first time since 2006 that they occupied a spot not at the top. The Giants, Packers, and Steelers follow.

Who is not “America’s team”? 

The Jacksonville Jaguars again look up from the bottom. But it’s not so lonely in the basement. The Tennessee Titans join their AFC South competitors as the team favored by the fewest fans. This marks the fifth straight year for Jacksonville as the NFL’s least popular team.

Fans in the Midwest follow the NFL most closely. Despite high-profile scandals, Americans still love the league. The percentage of Americans who say they follow the league stands at 55%. That’s up one percentage point since last year.

Americans may prefer to follow the Broncos. That doesn’t mean they think the Lombardi Trophy travels to Denver after the Super Bowl. Nearly three in ten believe the Seahawks repeat, nearly one in five believe the Broncos win in February, and nearly one in ten thinks San Francisco finally puts it together.


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