10 Super Bowl Predictions

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel
AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Super Bowl 49 kicks off in Glendale, Arizona, at about 4:30 p.m. local time today. With heavy Seahawks money late nearly offsetting heavy Patriots money early, the bookies have shifted from favoring Seattle to New England to a pick em.

Just as the betting public speaks without consensus on picking a winner, contributors polled by Breitbart Sports split on calling the game.

Daniel J. Freeman: Seahawks 27, Patriots 24

LeGarrette Blount and Rob Gronkowski will be a formidable matchup for the Legion of Boom, especially with their secondary in questionable health. However, in a single-game, winner-take-all format, it’s hard to pick against a dominant defense.

Sean Flynn: Patriots 30, Seahawks 13

The Seahawks’s defense is great. But even if Seattle could track down the Spoonman from Soungarden and sign him to a one-day contract to anchor a Seahawk secondary alongside Richard Sherman, Tom Brady et al would still have their way with them.

Daniel Leberfeld: Patriots 24, Seahawks 23

New England wins a close one thanks to tailback LeGarrette Blount’s work on the ground nicely complimenting Tom Brady.

C. Edmund Wright: Seahawks 34, Patriots 28

It’s tempting to pick the team with the hot quarterback—the Patriots and Tom Brady—but something tells me the Pats will be affected by all the attention on Deflate-gate.

Dino Costa: Patriots 23, Seahawks 20

Pats win simply because it would be poetic justice to see a team led by Obamacare supporters defeated.

Mary Chastain: Patriots 24, Seahawks 14

Because it’s the freaking Patriots! The score won’t be as high because of Seattle’s defense.

Peter Schweizer: Seahawks 21, Patriots 13

If the refs allow physical defensive play, the Seahawks will shut down the Pats passing attack. And Marshawn Lynch will gain traction in the second half.

Stephen K. Bannon: Patriots 45, Seahawks 7

“Stanford’s finest” allows four redzone scores; Russell Wilson repeats his first 55 minute performance of the NFC championship Game.

Kevin Scholla: Seahawks 25, Patriots 20

In a day and age when Roger Goodell attempts to provide “suspense,” it’ll be good to see real football prevail. Defense is the difference for a third straight season.

Daniel J. Flynn: Patriots 24, Seahawks 23

The fourth New England Super Bowl victory of the Flying Elvis era compels Roger Goodell to rename the Lombardi Trophy the Belichick Trophy.

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