Bee Team Stings Royals and Angels in Tempe

Beekeeper Angels Royals

A spring training game provided plenty of excitement when Tempe Diablo Stadium hosted the “Bee” team instead of the expected Royals and Angels squads, whom fans paid to see.

Fox Sports reported that a swarm of bees flew into the stadium and perched themselves on a microphone behind home plate delaying the first pitch for ten minutes. The Angels, who were already on the field to commence first inning play, were forced to run off the field and take cover in their dugout.

During the fourth inning fans in the first six rows behind the home plate screen were forced from their seats to allow an exterminator, dressed in full bee-fighting regalia, to spray the area and remove the bees.

Ironically, the Angels field two minor-league teams nicknamed after the buzzing honey producers: Triple-A Salt Lake Bees and Low-A Burlington Bees.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia said that the swarm was the most impressive he has ever seen at a ballpark. “We never had them migrating,” Scioscia said.

“Fortunately they stayed up there until we could get rid of them. If those bees would have stayed on the field, it would have been impossible to play.”