Woman Dies from Bee Acupuncture Allergic Reaction

An unnamed 55-year-old woman in Spain has died after a fatal apitherapy appointment. This unique form of alternative medicine leverages honeybee products — including venom — to treat all manner of ailments. Unfortunately, the woman may have developed an allergy to bee stings.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - APRIL 15: An apitherapy practitioner administers a bee sting to the hand of a patient at Cibubur Bee Center on April 15, 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bee acupuncture or apitherapy, is an alternative healing practice where bee stings are used as treatment for various conditions and diseases. …

Bees Follow Car for Two Days to Rescue Queen

A woman in West Wales created some buzz in town after a queen been was stuck in the trunk of her car. Carol Howarth, 65, may have somehow picked up the queen during a visit to a nature reserve Sunday. She did not realize


Woman Gives Birth in Forest; Bees Attack Placenta

A 35-year-old woman about to give birth for the fourth time became lost in a northern California forest, gave birth, watched bees and mosquitos attack the placenta, then set fire to the forest in a desperate attempt to alert rescuers to

Bees (Umberto Salvagnin / Flickr / CC / Cropped)