Running Hitch Routes at 41: Terrell Owens Says ‘I Still Probably Should Be Playing’

Terrell Owens AP

As Canton considers his Hall of Fame candidacy, Terrell Owens considers a return to the NFL.

“It’s all about giving myself an opportunity,” T.O. confessed on The Rich Eisen Show. “That’s all I ever really wanted. A lot of people talk about the Hall of Fame. I don’t even think about it.”

Owens last played in a regular season game during the 2010 season after fifteen years in the league in which he accumulated the second most receiving yards in NFL history behind his mentor Jerry Rice, who played past the age at which Owens now seeks a comeback, and third in touchdown receptions behind Rice and Randy Moss, who occasionally floats the idea of a return to play.

“I loved my time in Dallas,” Owens says about returning to the city where fifteen years ago this week he famously celebrated on the star at Texas Stadium. “I’m not that same guy that I was years ago,” Owens reflects on his many dust-ups with teammates, including injured Dallas quarterback Tony Romo. “I know that throughout my career there are some things that may—not ‘may,’ shouldn’t have been said.”

With an injury to Dez Bryant, T.O. sees space for himself on the Cowboys roster.

To put the comeback into perspective, Owens, at 41, received a five-year head start in life on Steve Smith Sr., the league’s oldest receiver; entered the world in a different decade than Tony Romo, the oldest player on the team T.O. wants to suit up for; and edges J0-Lonn Dunbar, the oldest player on the St. Louis Rams at 30, in the life experiences category by more than a decade. “I’m 41,” Owens matter-0f-factly reported to Rich Eisen.

“I still probably should be playing,” he maintains. “For me, if an opportunity arises, then I’ll entertain it. Why wouldn’t I want to go back to somewhere where I know I felt at home, I know the owner, I was there with some of the guys who are still there? I loved my time Dallas.”