#12 Is #1: Tom Brady Leads NFL Jersey Sales

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The Associated Press

Tom Brady leads the NFL in completions, touchdown throws, and passing yardage. He also leads the league in jersey sales.

The honor often goes to a new player or a player on a team that changed their uniform scheme. But Brady first appeared in the league in 2000 and the Patriots jerseys remain more or less the same.

Winning the Super Bowl MVP helps ring more cash register bells. So, too, does making 38 look like the new 28. But really the quarterback’s adversarial relationship with the league, making the shirt an act of defiance, boosted sales. In New England, wearing Brady’s Patriots jersey plays as an act of patriotism that announces its wearer’s chosen side in the 228-day war between the league and the legend.

Injured Cowboy Dez Bryant, the Giants human-highlight reel Odell Beckham Jr., Brady teammate Rob Gronkowski, and Australian-ruby-star-turned-49ers-running-back Jarryd Hayne round out the top five in jersey sales.

Tom Brady wears the blue jersey at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday.