Donald Trump: I Would Beat Obama in Golf

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

Donald Trump finally found something he agrees with Barack Obama on: golf.

“I love golf,” Trump explained to a South Carolina audience. “Golf is a great thing. When the President plays golf it’s OK, but he should play with people that he wants to make deals with, congresspeople and people from other countries — not just his friends.”

The president played 55 rounds of golf last, according to Mark Knoller of CBS. Obama remains on pace to complete more than 300 rounds for his presidency when he leaves office early next year. Critics complain that the president engages in his favorite recreational pastime when various problems emerge, such as when he played two rounds of golf during a holiday weekend this fall as the Syrian refugee crisis reached a boiling point. But Trump seems fine that Obama plays if not with whom he plays.

Obama reportedly shoots in the mid-90s. Trump, who boasts several club championships, owns a far more impressive handicap of around four. He expresses no doubts over who would win a round of golf between himself and the president.

“I would win,” Trump said. “I would win. No seriously, I would.”