Cubs Fire DJ for Playing ‘Smack My B—h Up’ During Exit of Closer Suspended for Domestic Incident

Aroldis Chapman
The Associated Press

Aroldis Chapman pitched a perfect ninth. The Wrigley Field DJ responded imperfectly.

Chapman, and all of Wrigley Field, heard ’90s-era electronic-music hit “Smack My B—h Up” by The Prodigy after he struck out two and induced a ground out in the top of the final frame. Despite Chapman’s performance, the Chicago Cubs lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 6-4.

The flame-throwing fireman served a 30-game suspension earlier this year for a domestic incident involving his girlfriend that occurred in the offseason. Chapman allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired a gun in his garage repeatedly in October. The authorities neither pressed charges nor arrested Chapman.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the team planned to discipline the DJ despite dubbing the incident unintentional. And they did just that by midday Monday.

Why the DJ would think it appropriate to play the 19-year-old song in a stadium crowded with families regardless of who pitched remains unclear.

The San Diego Padres fired a DJ, and subsequently rehired him, after he mistakenly played a woman singing “The Star Spangled Banner” instead of a backing track during a planned performance of the national anthem by the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus at Petco Park earlier this season.