Graphic: Indians Pitcher Planned to Cauterize Gaping Finger Wound with Iron

Cleveland, OH

Ronnie Lott, the former NFL safety who once had a portion of his left pinkie finger removed to avoid an extended rehab, might have some company at the top of the list for all-time warrior moves in the history of sports.

It’s no secret that the Indians yanked starter Trevor Bauer after two outs in Game 3 against the Blue Jays Monday night. Bauer had horrifically mauled his finger while fixing his drone, and the bleeding which began almost as soon as he started pitching couldn’t be contained. Resulting in Indians skipper Terry Francona having to pull him from the game.

Here’s what Bauer’s finger looked like prior to the game:

Trevor Bauer pinkie 1

Here’s the finger during the game:

Trevor Bauer pinkie 2

What’s less well known is that Bauer, according to Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan, considered some pretty barbaric lengths to close the wound before the game.

According to Deadspin:

Bauer told Passan that he repeatedly bugged the Indians’ medical staff to cauterize his finger wound shut with a soldering iron. They laughed at him, but Bauer was 100 percent serious. He truly wanted his already mangled finger to be burnt shut so bad he almost performed the procedure himself.

“I even had a soldering iron in my hotel room,” Bauer said. “Instead of going to the ER, I probably should’ve sealed it closed myself.”

A Reddit user who purportedly tried this said, “Might take longer, but it gets the job done.” Despite that compelling testimony, no, Bauer should not have sealed it closed himself. Cauterization is only necessary in a life-or-death scenario, per Stuff You Should Know. You can burn yourself (duh) or expose yourself to nasty infections.”

Your move Ronnie Lott.



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