Keith Olbermann: Kanye ‘Ruined’ His Career by Saying He Would Have Voted For ‘Fuhrer Trump’

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Live Nation
San Jose, CA

Kanye West announced to a stunned crowd in San Jose that if he had voted in this year’s presidential election he would have cast his vote for Donald Trump.

This statement earned Kanye many boos and much anger from the crowd. It also earned some boos and anger on Twitter. Keith Olbermann, a one-time sportscaster who has worked for every reputable news outlet in America, and MSNBC, retweeted and quoted a story about Kanye’s belated support for President-elect Trump and included a dire warning:

In fairness, as the most fired sportscaster/news anchor in the history of sportscasters or news anchors, someone flushing their career down the drain is something Keith Olbermann knows an awful lot about.

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