Packers Fans Launch Change.Org Petition to Remove Aikman, Buck from Packers Broadcast

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Packers fans will watch Sunday’s game against the Cowboys under protest. Not because they don’t believe the game to be real, transparent, or credible, but rather, because they strongly dislike Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Well, some of them do anyway.

A petition has launched on to prevent Buck and Aikman from calling Packers games. As of Thursday morning, the petition had 22,194 signatures. It also had plenty of comments from fans voicing their discontent:

“They are horrible! Aikman can’t accept that he was never as talented as Rodgers and continually has negative comments. And joe buck is just his little minion,” said John Marzalik of Algonquin, IL.

“Listening to Buck and Aikman favor oNE team over another and not call the game as it’s happening has been going on for years. Having them do a cowboy game, if you listen to them the other team has no shot at winning. Break out the pom poms, they will cheer lead for the cowboys the whole game. How fantastic Dakota and Zeke will get sickening by the end of the first quarter,” said Eric Mashl of Bowdoin, ME.

“I’m signing because Buck and Aikman are a couple of jerks that clearly hate the Packers,” wrote Steve Pesch of McFarland, WI.

Petitions on have no binding power, meaning Fox has no obligation to pull Aikman and Buck from Packers broadcasts regardless of how many signatures this petition raises. Still, tens of thousands of people voting and angrily commenting probably makes Packers fans feel better.

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