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Joe Buck Tells Fans Who Think He’s Biased To ‘Grow Up’

All of you out there who think Fox should retire Joe Buck because he’s hopelessly biased against your team, your city, your family, and your person, well, you can just “grow up.” That, according to Buck himself, who went on Chicago radio to defend his broadcast exuberance for certain teams.

Kyle Schwarber of the Chicago Cubs hits an RBI single to score Ben Zobrist (not pictured) against the Cleveland Indians in Game Two of the 2016 World Series

Wedding Registry Set Up for Joe Buck and Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber

Sports broadcaster Joe Buck lavishes so much praise on 23-year-old Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber during this year’s World Series, it prompted one fan to open up a wedding registry for the two at Bed Bath and Beyond.