Chris Christie: ‘The Eagles Suck…and Their Fans are Generally Angry, Awful People’

Chris Christie
The Associated Press

Famous for his no holds barred commentary, former New Jersey Governor and noted Cowboys fan Chris Christie went on the “Boomer & Carton” show on WFAN in New York City, and massacred Eagles fans.

According to CBS Philadelphia, Christie said, “I understand why people are interested if you are a public figure, as to who you root for. They’re interested.

“But the hostility, I will tell you that I take for being a Cowboys fan — and this is what I say to Giants fans all the time, and Eagles fans. Now Eagles fans I understand it from a little more because the Eagles do suck and they’ve sucked for a long time. And their fans are generally angry, awful people.”

Well, at least he said they’re only “generally” angry and awful.

Chris Christie pulls no punches, so let’s not pull ours either. Eagles fans rank among the lowest forms of NFL life. It’s not just the booing of Santa Claus or throwing snowballs at the Cowboys, and those are just the highlights. It’s a wholly unjustified Sunday-in, and Sunday-out sense of superiority mixed with a healthy dose of surliness and, when they eventually lose, a conspiratorial belief that the world has somehow turned against them.

As a native of northern New Jersey, Christie evidently knows the sort all too well. Still, there’s no one more loyal than an Eagles fan. And why shouldn’t Eagles fans be surly? The team jettisoned their best coach in recent memory in exchange for an egomaniac running a high school offense who decided that getting rid of all of his best players, and leaving his defense on the field for 87 minutes a game, were great ideas.

That could make a lot of fans surly. Eagles fans have one consolation though, despite winning thirteen games and dominating the NFC all year, Christie’s Cowboys are doing the same thing the Eagles are doing right now.


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