NFL Invites Cast Members From Leftist Broadway Play Hamilton to Perform At Super Bowl


In a year where the NFL saw its television ratings face plant due to rampant leftist activism, it’s only fitting that the league cap off the season by inviting performers associated with leftist activists to perform at the Super Bowl.

According to a tweet from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, cast members from Hamilton will sing “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl:

Let us not forget that the cast of “Hamilton,” minus creator Lin-Manuel Miranda who wasn’t there that night, stood on stage while actor Brandon Dixon read a statement aimed at then Vice President-elect Mike Pence, voicing their “concerns” that the incoming Trump administration would not protect the freedoms and “inalienable rights” of “diverse” peoples of different colors, genders, and orientations.

That does not constitute the totality of the activism stemming from Broadway’s leading show. While Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had no problem with his show embarrassing and disrespecting the incoming vice president of the United States, Miranda seems more than ready to roll out the red carpet for unrepentant terrorist bomb-makers.

Here are Miranda’s tweets to former President Obama, after the president granted unconditional clemency to a terrorist named Oscar Lopez Rivera:

As Mediaite describes him, “Oscar Lopez Rivera was a member of the FALN, a Stalinist-Marxist terrorist organization devoted to Puerto-Rican independence that launched over a hundred bombing attacks in the ’70s and ’80s. Miraculously, only two planted bombs led to death.”

It gets worse in an article written the day after Rivera received clemency. Mediaite describes Rivera’s role in-depth:

Lopez Rivera was more than just a grunt: informants testified he was their chief bomb-maker and in charge of training others to do the same. When he and eleven others members of the FALN were caught and arrested for their role in an armed robbery, none of them denied the facts of the charges against them. No one was ever convicted of the Fraunces Tavern attack but only because no one needed to be: Lopez Rivera got 55 years for his role in planning the bombing of the Democratic Party of Chicago and and additional 15 years when he tried to escape prison.

Despite blistering opposition from 95 GOP and Democratic Senators, the FBI, his own Department of Justice and his own wife, President Bill Clinton offered all imprisoned FALN members clemency in 1999 on the sole condition that they renounce terrorism. Lopez Rivera refused, and was the only member who remained in prison. Until yesterday that is, when Barack Obama granted Lopez Rivera clemency without conditions.

In other words, Lopez is such a hardened Stalinist-Marxist terrorist that he wouldn’t renounce his actions even if it meant his release from prison, and that guy is more welcome at a performance of Hamilton than our non-terrorist, non-Marxist vice president.

More disturbing still, that the NFL thinks it appropriate to invite performers associated with that to sing at the Super Bowl. So, if you needed a reminder that the NFL has become a cesspool of leftist activism, and that Commissioner Goodell has become the Obama of the NFL, this is it.

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