Jerry Jones: If I Get Tony Romo a Deal That Makes Him Happy, I Should Be President

Dak Prescott, Tony Romo

Donald Trump might have some competition from an unexpected source when he seeks re-election in 2020.

According to Pro Football Talk, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones says that if he works out a deal for Tony Romo that suits all parties, it might just punch his ticket to higher office.

After lamenting the crushing disappointment of not getting Tony Romo a Super Bowl ring, Jones told a Nashville radio station his view of what the proper handling of the Romo situation could mean going forward, “Whatever really comfortable solution for all parties here, if I can come up with it, . . . if I have that answer, I should be President of the United States.”

This obviously draws into question that age-old question of which accomplishment makes for a better president, bringing peace to the Tony Romo crisis or bringing peace to the Middle East crisis?

The Middle East thing might be easier.

Jones went on to say, “One thing’s for sure, going into that playoff game, I really thought that we had the best quarterback personnel even with all the due respect to [Aaron] Rodgers. We had two quarterbacks who were capable, in my mind, of playing at a level that could get us to the Super Bowl. In case you had an injury or just your depth at that position. And I felt that we had from about the sixth game on last year, a superior position at quarterback because if Dak got nicked up, we knew we had a hot hand.”

While convincing Romo to stay in Dallas as a backup and pass up other lucrative opportunities to start would be quite the coup, it’s also quite a change from the tune Jones used to sing. Jones used to talk about getting Romo a Super Bowl ring, and how that would solidify his legacy. Now, the mark of greatness means getting him a contract negotiation that’s “comfortable for all parties?”

Sounds more like cabinet material rather than presidential, to be honest.

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