Tebow Makes a Team: Mets Assign Former Heisman Winner to Class-A Columbia

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The Associated Press

Tim Tebow’s quest to become a major league baseball player has resulted in his assignment to a team. Not a major league team, but a team nonetheless.

On Monday, the Mets organization assigned Tebow to the Columbia Fireflies, the full season Class-A affiliates of the Mets in the South Atlantic League. According to the Daily News, Tebow will see his first regular season action on April 6th when the Fireflies take on Augusta.

For Tebow, this chance to show that he can play makes all the difference. “For me it really didn’t matter,” Tebow said in response to a question about where he got assigned. “I’ll just go and continue the process and continue to improve and be excited for the opportunity to just compete.”

Tebow, expected to fail by many in his quest to master the sport which he stopped playing during George W. Bush’s first term, nonetheless remains undeterred by detractors and committed to facing the adversity head on. According to the Daily News, Tebow said, “I am not about worrying about the level of competition and worrying about failing at it. This is a game you have to be prepared to fail. If you fail 70% of the time, you are one of the best players in the game. You have to handle that mentally. So it’s not like you go into something afraid of it.

“You go into it respecting it, but also working and excited by it.”

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