Chip Kelly on Whether Kaepernick Can be a Winning Quarterback: ‘There is no Question’

Chip Kelly, Colin Kaepernick

An unemployed coach does not understand why the last quarterback he coached remains unemployed.

Former 49ers head coach Chip Kelly stated the case for Kaepernick in an interview with In the interview, Kelly said, “There are 32 individual groups that make decisions on what is best. If you’re not part of those 32 teams, it’s very difficult to know what is going on.”

However, Kelly further explained, “Do I think he is one of the top 64 quarterbacks in the world? There is no question. Does he have the ability to play quarterback on a winning team in the NFL? There is no question.”

Interesting that Kelly would say there’s “no question” Kaepernick is one of the top 64 quarterbacks in the league when Kelly himself didn’t think Kaepernick was the best quarterback on his own quarterback-depleted team last year. In fact, Kelly opted to start Blaine Gabbert, one of the worst draft busts in recent NFL history, instead of starting Kaepernick.

Can we definitively say Kaepernick would crack the NFL’s top 64 if he can’t start over Gabbert?

Not that anyone would ever accuse Chip Kelly of being a great judge of talent. After all, there’s a reason why he, like Kaepernick, is unemployed right now.

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