Les Miles Really, Really Wants to Coach Again

The Associated Press

Les Miles doesn’t know if the grass is tastier on the other side, but he’d sure like to take a bite if someone wants to give him a chance.

The former LSU coach, fired during the fall of last season, has actively searched for a new gig, so far to no avail. Yet, that hasn’t swayed the former national champion coach from his desire to patrol the sidelines for a college program somewhere in the near future.

Speaking recently at a coaching clinic in Nebraska, Miles made his intentions known: “I want to coach football,” according to the Omaha World-Herald. “That’s pretty simple. I want an opportunity at a place that can win and a place where they really want to invest in the players. If they do that, I’m good.”

It would certainly be hard to find an available college football coach with a better resume than Miles: eight bowl wins, two national championship appearances, one title, and a winning percentage of .721. Numbers like that should land a coach on the short-list for a vacancy with any major program.

Miles has fielded a train wreck of offenses at LSU over the last few seasons, and has not recruited an even halfway decent quarterback. Any athletic director who interviews Miles will likely want proof that Miles can not only land a high 4-star, or even 5-star quarterback, but also that he can bring in a high-profile offensive coordinator.

If not, Miles will likely stay out to pasture.


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