Giants Linebacker Posts Pic with Rolled Cigar, Selected For ‘Random’ Drug Test Next Day

New York Giant's quarterback Jonathan Casillas

Well, New York Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas can’t say he didn’t see this one coming, because he pretty much did.

While attending a wedding in the Dominican Republic, Casillas posted a picture of himself on Instagram, sitting atop an ATV and holding what he claims was a rolled cigar in his hand. Even as Casillas posted the image, he realized how this picture could look suspicious to his employer, and possibly end badly for him.

Casillas posted:

As prophesized, the next day Casillas received a text from the league letting him know that he had been “randomly” selected by the NFL for drug testing.

Random lol, what a coincidence (see previous post) ‍♂️

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According to ESPN, “Casillas posted an Instagram story on Monday that showed him getting ready to take what appeared to be a drug test. He shrugged his head with the caption, ‘For ya that thought it was photoshopped’ on the screen.”

In truth, Casillas’ story is very believable. The Dominican is kind of famous for their cigars. Also true, is that posting pic of what could easily pass for a blunt on Instagram is incredibly dumb.

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